Monday, July 31, 2017


We are moving by popular demand! Our clients have often told us that they wish to be able to find all of our legal information on our own website. So, after much consideration, we have decided to move our blog to our website.

Many Thanks to Blogger and the Blogger crew and community.

And to our Readers, thank you for your support. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Help Your Lawyer Help You

Teamwork is essential, and there is no better time for cooperative teamwork than when you are facing legal challenges.

Here are some specific things that you can do to help your case progress more efficiently. 
  1. Stay available to the law firm.   If you are going to be away for vacation, having a medical procedure or otherwise unavailable, let the firm know. 
  2. Check your email and voicemail regularly while you are involved in a legal matter. 
  3. Review and return documents promptly. 
  4. Keep the firm updated with any changes of contact information. 
  5. Share knowledge that you have that may help. For instance, an organized timeline of dates or a list of important people in your case with a description of their role in the case can be helpful to your lawyer. 
  6. Be prompt in responding to any deadlines. 
  7. Prepare in advance for any meetings with your attorney by bringing a list of questions you have or a list of new events. 
  8. Be honest with your lawyer about the facts in the case, and about your feelings while going through the process.
  9. Don't be afraid to explore new alternatives.   Many lawsuits settle when one of the parties comes up with a creative solution that both sides can live with. 
  10. Remember that you and your attorney are a team.  Team members not only support each other, they also help each other face reality.  Don't be afraid to play devil's advocate, or to question something that you aren't comfortable with.  And don't be offended if your attorney does the same.  As long as it is done with respect, it is all part of the process.  

Family Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Probate
"Passionate, Professional & Personal. We Make the Difference." For Over Thirty Years.
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Friday, May 5, 2017

Zika in Texas

Every now and then we take a break from our usual legal oriented posts to share some information of local interest that may help the public.

It is getting warmer in Texas, and fast.

Zika virus is a concern to Texans.  Although we have not had many issues with this virus, it is important to stay informed and to help stop the spread.   You can read "What Texans Need to Know About the Zika Virus" from Texas A& AgriLife Extension by clicking here. 

Zika is transmitted from the bite of an infected mosquito.  Therefore there are a few things that you can do to help keep yourself safe from Zika. The first is to control your environment to discourage mosquito breeding.   Since they like to breed in standing water, get rid of bacteria-laden water that is standing in old tires, flower pots, bird baths and other containers.   If you must keep standing water around (in a pet dish or birdbath for instance), clean the container often and change the water (pet water should be completely changed daily for the health of the pets as well).

Next, you need to keep yourself safe from bites.  Wearing appropriate clothing (loosely fitting, light colored) and appropriate spray to keep from getting bit will help keep you safe. Try not to go outside or in the woods at times when mosquitoes are most active.

Be careful when you travel to other countries or areas that do have more problems with the Zika virus.  And, when you return, be extra careful not to get bit for at least a week. This is because 80% of people who have Zika don't have symptoms.  If you introduce the virus to your community after your trip the chances of the virus spreading increase dramatically. Most people do not know this about Zika. has more information, including tallies of reported cases by county, advisories for pregnant women and travelers, and much more.

Stay safe! Don't Get Bit! Don't Give Zika a Biting Chance!

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Texting While Driving Bans Moving Forward in Texas

April, 2017 - The Texas House has passed a bill that would prohibit texting while driving statewide. These bans already exist in several Texas counties, but there is not a statewide ban in effect---yet.  

Many Texas cities already have a ban on using a handheld device while driving. Among these are at least two cities which are local to our law firm: Conroe and Magnolia. A more complete list of the cities with bans can be found on the Texas Department of Transportation site. 

Also, keep in mind that some laws prohibit "texting", but other laws prohibit using "handheld devices".  So, even if you are looking at your GPS, or checking to see who just called you, you may be in violation.  Check out this link from the National Conference of State Legislatures for more information on specific state laws.  And remember, even if there is not a statewide ban on certain behavior, a county or a city ordinance may prohibit it. 

In addition, there are laws that relate to underage drivers using cell phones while driving, such as "drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using wireless communication devices," and "drivers with learner's permits are prohibited from using handheld cell phones in the first six months of driving."  (Texas Department of Transportation website)

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, one in five crashes involves driver inattention.

Family Law, Business Law, Real Estate Law, Probate
"Passionate, Professional & Personal. We Make the Difference." For Over Thirty Years.
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