Monday, March 28, 2011

Excellent Resources for Texas Employers

Running a business is demanding and business owners can use all the help they can get.  I just attended my second TWC (Texas Workforce Commission) Business Conference for Texas Employers.

Is it my opinon that many, if not most Texas employers don't know about the resources available to help them.  For some employers, "TWC" may have a negative connotation because the agency is associated with "having to pay taxes", regulations, claims for unemployment or injury against the company, and audits.  

In reality, the TWC has an entire section that is devoted to Texas employers. There are three Chairmen appointed to the Texas Workforce Commission. One represents employers, one represents labor, and one represents the public.  As part of the agency's service to Texas employers, the following resources are available:

1. The Texas Employers' Hotline, where employers can call and ask questions 1-800-832-9394

2. The magazine "Texas Business Today", which is available free of charge by an online search, or by subscription.    In addition to containing legal information, this publication also contains good, practical advice about day-to-day situations in the workplace and advice about how to deal with them.  For instance, in the Winter 2011 issue, check out the articles "Taking steps to deal with poor attitudes in the workplace" and "How to deal with employees who refuse to sign policies or warnings" (by William T. Simmons, Legal Counsel for Chairman Tom Pauken).

3. An all-day seminar for Texas employers which is " a steal" at $85 and de-mystifies employment laws and regulations, unemployment benefit calculations, and hiring procedures.  Seminar materials include a text and disk with explanation of the laws affecting Texas employers, required posters, sample forms and sample language to help you create office policies.  

4. Programs that reward Texas employers for hiring an unemployed worker, or a veteran. Check out 

5. the "Skills for Small Business" Program for tuition reimbursement for employees who further their skills by attending work-related classes at a local community college.

Texas employers, be sure to check out these helpful resources! Be aware that some of the programs available may not be available forever, as funding may be limited.

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