Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update for our clients; How a Federal Governmental Shutdown Might Affect You and Your Case

If the U.S. government does shutdown temporarily the effects will be felt in various ways.   This is a basic list of general effects that we can expect for the types of cases we handle at this firm.

In general: all "nonessential" governmental functions will be shut down. This could affect your ability to obtain information from some of the informational "800" numbers operated by the federal government.  

If you have filed for a passport renewal, or a visa you will most likely be affected.

If you are seeking information from a federal agency (such as social security adminstration) or need information or documentation regarding a federal pension, you may face longer than usual wait times.   This could indirectly affect your ability to complete an inventory and appraisal in a divorce or probate case. FOIA (Freedom of Information Act Requests) could have additional time added on to their already slow process times.  

Social security benefits, applications and investigations would be delayed.  

Many governmental employees will be affected. In the past, some have received pay later, while some people who work under federal contract have had pay suspended.

At this time it is uncertain whether a shutdown will occur, or how long one would last if it did.  

For more information and background on what to expect, see this article at and this one at MRP News


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