Monday, November 14, 2011

Take It Easy

Economic worries tend to make people angry, bitter and distracted.  In tough times, people are more likely to complain, blame, and be generally unappreciative of others. This is evident when driving down the road, standing in line at the store, and observing the tense, unhappy looks on the faces of people.  


There is no question that times are tough.  Feeling it, believing it and saying it doesn't make you a cynic, it makes you realistic. This year in Texas, at the same time the economy was taking a toll on us, we were hit hard by drought and extremely hot weather.   

When times are tough, it is more important than ever to show a little compassion to others.   We are all facing our own problems and worries. A “thank you” and a spirit of cooperation instead of a demanding attitude will go a long way towards helping us all get through a difficult time. Especially now. 


Very often the stress we feel and show to others is caused by excessive, constant worry. In tough times like these, our minds are going constantly with “to do” lists, worries and plans. It is hard to slow down our thought processes but lower blood pressure and a happier frame of mind are the rewards for taking a little extra time.  



The Eagles said it best when they sang, “Take it Easy.... Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.”   The song is classic (old!), and the advice is still good.  
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