Monday, May 21, 2012

Using Specific Powers of Attorney to Save you Time and Trouble

It seems as if no matter how well you plan things, there are always scheduling conflicts. It’s too bad that we can’t be in two places at once.

The “Specific Power of Attorney” was created for people on-the-go.   Using a specific power of attorney, you can designate someone to act in your place legally, and you don’t have to give them unrestricted access to your entire life.

You can use a specific power of attorney to name one particular person, acting in your place, to attend a specific meeting at a specific time, for a specific purpose.  Your designated agent will be able to make decisions and sign documents in your stead. Their authority can expire on a certain date, or after a particular piece of business is concluded.

So, if the closing for the sale of your home sale in San Antonio is scheduled at the exact same time as closing for your home purchase in The Woodlands while you are in a mandatory meeting in Topeka, it’s still doable!

Perhaps you would like someone here in The Woodlands to be responsible for negotiating and handling the sale or purchase of some type of property (real estate, vehicle, or other personal property) while you are away on business in China for several months.   A specific document can be created for that purpose.
Thanks to technology, we can fax, email, send overnight packages, skype, IM and Tweet. But in situations where you feel more comfortable with a live person representing you,  remember that you have the option to create a specific legal document for that specific time and purpose.  A business attorney can help you create the document so that it will be legally acceptable for your particular purpose.

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