Sunday, July 29, 2012

Risk Management for Advertising- Online and Off!

Everyone’s doing it! Advertising online is essential for many businesses today. Even if you, as a small business owner, have not launched an online advertising campaign, your business is probably found online in one or more directories.   In addition, you may have created at a few specific ads, whether online or as paper copy.  

But beware!  Just because an advertising campaign gets temporary results may not make it worth it in the long run.  Here are a few tips to be sure that you steer clear of trouble while printing or posting profiles, coupons, or ads, and engaging in social networking:

1.       Don’t promise more than you are willing to give.

2.       Don’t be so vague that your ads or “deals” can be interpreted two or more ways.

3.       Make sure your staff is aware of any deals or ads that are running.

4.       Take the time to update your ads. If an employee or partner is no longer with you take the time to remove their name and contact information from your online ads.  This is especially important if the parting was unpleasant.

5.       Don’t post negative things about your competition.

6.       Keep drama offline.  

7.       THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT! If you hold a state professional license, find out whether specific rules govern the advertising of your profession.  Don’t just assume that a marketing person or marketing firm is familiar with the latest rules… it’s your license, be aware!

 These rules are quick and simple but following them can save you a lot of grief!








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