Monday, August 6, 2012

What NOT to Choose When Looking for an Attorney

There are many variables to consider when choosing an attorney.   Here is a list of qualities that you should NOT look for in an attorney:

1.  The attorney promises results-  “We are definitely going to win this case!”;  “I promise you that you will get custody!”;  “I guarantee that you’ll be happy with the results I get for you”.    

 2,  The a ttorney is a very poor listener.If the attorney doesn’t let you tell your story, always interrupts and you are unable to get a word in edgewise it will be difficult for the lawyer to prepare your case properly because he or she may not have all the important facts. (this is different from setting limits with you and your time together, which is necessary).

3.      3. The attorney is overly negative about the legal process or other professionals. “Having an ad litem is a requirement but  a total waste of time”; “Mediation never works in these cases”; “Opposing counsel doesn’t know what he is doing”.

4.       4. The attorney lets you get away with too much.   Believe it or not, an attorney who maintains a reasonable amount of control over you actually helps you.  That type of attorney can prevent you from violating court orders, help you behave properly in depositions and in court, and get you back on track if you get overly angry or emotional during the case. Your attorney should be strong enough to take you to task if you are rude (to his/her law office staff, court personnel or other professionals), and should attempt to reign you in if you are harming your case by being overly rude or aggressive to the opposing party or attorney. 






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