Monday, October 28, 2013

Texas Department of Insurance Can Help you With Your Insurance Complaint

How can the Texas Department of Insurance help you?

The Texas Department of Insurance ("TDI") can help you resolve insurance complaints such as property, title, health and workers' compensation insurance.   The complaint may cover "claim and benefit disputes, false advertising, misrepresentation and suspected insurance fraud."

If you have a complaint, check out the website  (click here) and you can view more details.(En Español)

There are some types of claims and issues that the TDI does not cover.

How can a private attorney help you with an insurance complaint?

  1. A private attorney can consult with you at the very beginning and help you decide whether the claim is eligible for help from the Texas Department of Insurance;
  2. A private attorney can help you through the process of a filing with the TDI by assisting you with paperwork and helping you prepare for mediation (when applicable);
  3. A private attorney can help you decide whether there are additional issues in the case that are not covered by the Texas Department of Insurance and discuss your options. 
The Texas Department of Insurance is a valuable resource to have.   Seeking assistance from an administrative agency can reduce your legal fees and put the investigative resources of the agency on your side.  

If you desire, a private attorney can evaluate your claim for its strengths and weaknesses and give you guidance on what to expect from the process. You can then use that knowledge to handle your complaint yourself with the TDI. 

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