Monday, December 30, 2013

Bill Supporting Foreign Adoption in Congress

A bipartisan effort to boost foreign adoption is in Congress. The bill is titled the "Children in Families First Act" and different versions of the bill are now in the House and Senate!

Foreign adoptions are governed by many different areas of law---- international law, the laws of the two or more countries that are involved in a specific adoption,  state law and immigration law. International adoptions are procedure-intensive.

One of the main issues dealt with by the Children in Families First Act is the creation of a new bureau to deal with international child welfare.  Other decisions to be made include which agency/department will process the international adoptions.

Many changes in laws have occurred during the past 8 years that make international adoptions more costly and difficult than they used to be.   There has been a steady decline in international adoptions over the past few years.  We at Kalish Law Office have been involved in international adoption for nearly thirty years and are proud to have been a part of the history of so many families.

For an excellent Houston Chronicle article published on this subject on December 26, 2013, click here.

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