Monday, March 17, 2014

Adult Adoption in Texas

Adult adoption in Texas is a simpler process than adoption of a child.

A person who has reached adulthood and is legally competent to speak for his/herself can make the decision to be legally adopted by another adult. 

In an adult adoption, there is no home study required. A biological parent does not need to be notified, and does not need to consent to the adoption of his/her child by another person. A biological parent does not have the right to contest the adoption of his/her adult child by another person.

The two adults who are involved (the adopter and the adoptee) need to consent to the adoption.

If there is a name change of the adoptee, there will need to be a background check done and filed with the court.   This is because the Judge will need assurance that an adult seeking a court-ordered name change is not doing so for fraudulent reasons. 

Adult adoption does not give the adoptee immigration benefits. 

The main reason for most adult adoptions are emotional ones.   Generally, two people are "parent and child" emotionally, and as a practical matter they want to be parent and child legally.  Another reason is to confer inheritance or confer other benefits.

If you are considering an adult adoption, a consult with a family law attorney can help you decide and proceed.  The attorneys at Kalish Law Office have been assisting clients with adult adoptions for thirty years. It is a rewarding part of our practice. 

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