Monday, April 21, 2014

How Anger Can Affect Your Case

If you are involved in a divorce, business case or other legal problem, you'll want to do everything that you can to have the best possible outcome. Choosing a good attorney is important, as is communicating with your lawyer and keeping your facts and evidence organized. But one factor that many people underestimate is the damage that unresolved (or unrestrained) anger can do to their case.

Even if anger is completely justified, it can create trouble. Here is a list of the mischief that uncontrolled anger can cause:  
  1. prevent you from making calm, rational decisions in your case;
  2. cause you to refuse to consider all possible outcomes of your situation - both good and bad;
  3. harm and upset the innocent people around you (your children, coworkers, employees);
  4. cause you to do a poor job in a deposition or on the stand;
  5. create a "weak spot" that the other side may exploit;
  6. make you physically ill.
Here are some constructive ways to deal with your anger:
  1. talking to a mental health professional and taking medication if warranted;
  2. talking to a personal friend or spiritual leader;
  3. reading books, magazines or articles on the issue;
  4. attending anger management or support groups when warranted;
  5. getting help from reputable online communities;
  6. using mediation or other relaxation techniques.
  7. being honest with your lawyer about your anger and how it may affect the situation.
Ken Blanchard, an author, speaker and business leader says, "Take a look at yourself and how you deal with anger. Do you strike out or take a minute to think about it before you respond?"  That is excellent advice. Making that second nature will assist you in getting through a challenging legal situation. 

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