Monday, May 5, 2014

Parenting Classes During Divorce Important

If you are getting a divorce and have been told that you must take parenting classes, take this seriously. 

Once the class is taken, the court will need to be given a certificate of completion that shows your name and when you took the class. 

Few things are more frustrating than hearing that the judge has declined to grant your divorce because the court does not have the proper proof that the parties took the class.

You can get a list of the approved parenting classes from your attorney, or if you are Pro Se you can get the information from the court, the district clerk. In some counties you may be able to get the information online or by going to your county's law library.  You may be able to choose between taking classes in person or online but make sure that you find out whether or not your particular court will accept online classes as some do not.

Oh, and don't worry... you don't have to attend the classes with your spouse. It isn't forbidden to do so, but it isn't required and isn't a good idea if it will make the situation more emotionally difficult. 

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