Monday, August 18, 2014

Five Excellent Resources for Small Business

Whether you are thinking of starting a business in Texas or you already have one, here are five excellent resources that are available online to help you find information.

Of course, none of them are a substitute for the advice of a business attorney for your particular situation, but these resources can guide you and give you a wealth of information.

Five Excellent Resources for Texas Businesses: (If you are in another state, your state probably has resources similar to these on the web.)

  1. Small Business Administration.   Staring a business, choosing a location, laws and regulations, taxes, licenses and much more. 
  2. Texas Workforce Commission for Businesses and Employers Information about recruiting,  hiring, training, unemployment tax, employment law.
  3. The Texas Secretary of State Corporations Division : About start-up, choosing an business structure, name availability, trademarks and assumed name.
  4. The Texas Attorney General Consumer Protection : Consumer protection, scam warnings, protecting against cyber crime.
  5. Texas Wide Open for Business ; Starting and growing a business, choosing Texas, incentives and resources. From the Office of the Governor. 
When it is time to consult a lawyer. A lawyer can help with your start-up,  growth, risk management, asset protection, as well as helping you manage any legal problems you might have. 

Many small business owners choose to have a consult with a  business attorney solely in order to choose an attorney to work with in the future should the need arise.  

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