Monday, October 20, 2014

Keep Your Home & Property Safe While You Travel!

Here is some practical advice to keep your property and identity safe.  Soon we will enter the holiday season, a time when break-ins increase dramatically. If you are headed out of town, a little advance preparation goes a long way.

Basic commonsense precautions still apply.  Have someone you trust stay at or watch your home. Someone staying in the home or spending time there is a very good idea. Tell neighbors that you trust about the arrangements you've made.Try to have your house or pet sitter maintain normal routines and timing at your home. If the outdoor and indoor lighting, vehicles, yard, mail and newspapers appear as close to normal as possible then maybe a potential thief won't see an invitation.

Here are some additional ideas...
  1. Take advantage of local law enforcement's "vacation watch" program.  You may even be able to sign up online.
  2. Think twice before using a home sitter or pet sitter that advertises their presence with a sign on the sitter's vehicle. Or ask them to remove these signs while at your residence.
  3. Don't announce your trip on social media. It is a fact that thieves are now using this information!
  4. What if there were an actual emergency?  Make sure that the person who is watching your property would know what to do in the event that an emergency did happen while you were away and has the power to act! Prepare the following information before you leave town;
  • Veterinarian information (including animal emergency clinic) and ability to pay if you are going to be completely out of touch
  • Contact info for a Handyman and/or yard service 
  • Contact info for a  friend or family member with decision-making ability who can step in or help out
  • Homeowners or flood insurance information (especially if you are gone during hurricane season)
  • Contact information for a trusted neighbor
  • You may want to prepare a "House Sitter's Guide" that you can use again and again!
Reminder: If you have a pending legal case be sure to advise your attorney's office of times that you will be traveling or unavailable!

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