Sunday, December 7, 2014

Why Just Having a Will May not be Enough

Do you have a current will?  If so, great!  But there are times when having a will may not be enough, or you may need a will that is more specific to your situation.

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. You own a business, but haven't made provisions for the continued operation of the business if you should die or become disabled. 
  2. You haven't made specific provisions for your minor children in your will
  3. You have a child with a disability but only have a "typical" will.
  4. You have sole responsibility of care for an older adult and have not made provisions for that person's care should something happen to you.
  5. You are in a same-sex relationship and have not addressed that in your will or powers of attorney.
  6. You don't have a health care power of attorney and want to make your specific wishes known. 
  7. You anticipate trouble from your beneficiaries and want to prevent it as much as you possibly can. 
  8. You have one or more animals and you want to make specific provisions for them.
  9. You want to designate someone to conduct "day-to-day" personal business for you in the event you should become disabled. 
  10. You want to designate someone to serve as your guardian in case it should ever become necessary. 
Remember, even if you have a will you should review it yearly to be certain that it still meets your needs.  We recommend the beginning of the year as a good time for review.  You can also ask for a consultation with an attorney to review your estate plan and be certain that it is still the best one for you. 

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