Sunday, August 23, 2015

Before you Embark on a Journey of Revenge...

"Revenge is sweet" according to a popular expression.

However, Confucius warned, "Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves."

While the idea of revenge may feel satisfying, there is no doubt that it takes a toll on both parties.

There is nothing that gets strong emotions going like a legal fight.   Divorce, custody fights, business break ups, property disputes-  these are all the stuff of which revenge fantasies are made.

However, it is undisputable that taking out anger on the other party can have undesirable results, such as:
  1. Bystanders caught in the cross-fire (children, employees, friends).
  2. High blood pressure and other physical problems.
  3. Negative impact on the legal case by letting emotions rule the day.
  4. Decrease of income, lost business opportunities, and a disorganized personal/family life, because of lack of attention to the task at hand. 
  5. Affect on other personal relationships because the angry person has a "one track mind". 
Confucius was born over 2500 years ago, but the wisdom in this saying still holds true today.   "Before you make a journey of revenge, dig two graves."  Don't sacrifice yourself to pay someone back.    If you have a lawsuit pending, work within the legal system to make your point. Your attorney and the law office staff will help you by keeping you focused on what's important. 

Remember that "The best revenge is living well."

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