Sunday, August 2, 2015

I Told you 5 Million Times not to Exaggerate!

Exaggeration serves a purpose when you are writing a story, entertaining people, or trying to be creative. There are even times when you may exaggerate the risk of a problem to get someone's attention and for their own good. In sales exaggeration is called "puffing" and a certain amount of it is expected. However exaggerating when you have a legal case going can be a mistake and can cost you money.

Always be honest with your lawyer about the damages you have suffered for the amount of money or property that is it risk in your case. If you don't know for sure, or there is a wide range, say so. 

If you have to answer written discovery, or give a deposition, exaggeration is not a good idea. It will come back to bite you later when you are on the stand in the courtroom. 

Do a reality check with yourself and make sure that you are being realistic about the damages and facts in your case and also about your expectations. This will save you embarrassment as well as money.

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