Monday, September 28, 2015

Tablet and Laptop Security Tips

Regular readers of our blog know that we love  to pass along safety tips that everyone  can use!

A great site for information is  This excellent site can help you keep your identity and valuables safe, give you news about current scams, and give you some general good information.

One important thing we can all do to keep our information safe is to protect our electronic devices.   A thief can swipe your device in a minute. If you are lucky, the thief will wipe it clean and sell it for quick cash. If you are unlucky, the thief will steal and use the information that is on it.   After a shopping spree, that same thief can sell your personal information, create havoc online, and then sell the device itself.

Onguardonline recommends these tips to keep your laptop from getting lost or stolen.   (most of these also apply to a tablet or a smart phone).

  1. Treat your tablet, laptop or smartphone like cash. 
  2. Don't leave it in the car
  3. Keep it locked (you can get a security cable for some devices)
  4. Keep it off the floor, or put it between and touching your feet
  5. Keep your passwords somewhere else (My own note: if this is impractical, at least invest in a secure, paid, encrypted, reputable, password storage app that erases the information after a few wrong log in attempts.)
  6. Don't leave it for "just a sec"
  7. Pay attention in airports- especially in security (My own tip: and also pay attention to your back pocket, and open purse on the back of your chair).
  8. Use bells and whistles (you can use an alarm or other security protection apps and passwords). 
Although some of these may be inconvenient, it is easier to avoid trouble in the first place that try to fix a problem once it has already happened. 

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Free Information for Your Small Business Start Up!

If you are thinking of starting a business right now, you can do a lot on your own to organize yourself.

There are many resources available tor small business owners.  The Small Business Administration has a lot of free information with organizational help online.  Also check out Texas Wide Open for Business from the Texas Governor's Office. This is a good resource for any Texas business and is especially informative for those who are newcomers to our state or who are considering coming here. 
And remember, you shouldn't wait until you have a crisis to choose a business attorney. It is well worth  your time to choose an experience Woodlands business attorney and set up a consultation. That way, if you have a legal need later on, all you'll need to do is pick up the phone. 
Check out our blog for more information and tips about your business and articles such as"Ten Things to Consider When Starting your own Business" and "Five Excellent Resources for Small Business". 
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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Terminating Child Support in the Case of Mistaken Paternity

A man who is paying child support for a child that he mistakenly thought was his own child may be able to seek termination of the parent-child relationship and the duty to pay child support.  The case must meet certain requirements in order to proceed. 
First, a petition is filed in family court.  A hearing is held and if the judge determines that certain criteria are met, genetic testing will be ordered.
If the genetic testing confims that the man is not the biological parent of the child, the judge may terminate parental rights and the duty to pay future child support. However, the man will still have to pay any arrearage (back child support) that is due prior to the date of the court order terminating that duty.   
A man who learns that he is not the genetic father of a child has only one year to file a petition in court. 
Filing such a petition should be carefully thought through, because it is a serious matter.   A man who has truly been a father to a child may not want to change that, and may decide that biology doesn't matter.  
Terminating the parent-child relationship is always a serious matter that affects the lives of many people.
A consultation with a family law attorney can help determine the best course of action.  Additional information can also be found on the Texas Attorney General website under the Child Support Division. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

When Child Support Under the Guidelines is Not Enough

In addition to the general child support guidelines, the Texas Family Code also lists additional factors that may be considered by a judge in awarding child support outside the guidelines (either more or less support than would be ordered by applying strict guidelines). 
For instance, the party who has primary care of the child may have physical limitations him/herself, may be unemployed through no fault of his/her own, or may be unable to work due to the child's needs. If a child has special needs, that will be a major consideration.  All of these factors may allow for the Obligee (the person receiving child support) to request support above the guidelines.

On the other hand, the Obligor (person who  pays child support) may need to ask for a child support reduction, for the same reasons.   The Obligor may have a medical condition or disability, be unable to work through no fault of his/her own, or be able to show that the child is actually living with him/her most or all of the time. 

During a divorce, any unusual and all relevant facts should be discussed with your attorney.  After the divorce is final, any significant change in circumstances (health, employment, finances, where the child is living) may lead to a petition requesting that the judge order an increase or decrease in the amount of child support owed. 
If you believe that you may need to have a modification, or may need to ask for child support outside the guidelines, request a child support consult to discuss the circumstances with a family law attorney.  

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