Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How to Prepare for the Divorce Process

If you suspect that divorce is on the horizon, you may feel overwhelmed.  But you CAN prepare for the process.   

The Client Page of the Journal of the State Bar of Texas features an excellent article this month. According to this article, there are several practical ways to prepare.   

It is advised that you know your financial picture.  Find and copy records, get account information, and other financial documents.  Even if you can't take and copy them, you may be able to snap pictures with your smartphone.   (This is easier said than done for some people- in abusive situations it is common for one spouse to maintain total control over assets. If that is your case, just do the best you can in getting information and remember it may become  lot more difficult to get this information later).    If you or your spouse has separate assets, you should get information about that property as well. You'll need it later on. 

In addition to knowing your financial picture, you should make sure that you behave yourself.  Be careful about your socializing and don't drink or do drugs.  Take a break from social media. 

Take care of yourself. Start new traditions. Respect each other, even when it isn't easy. 

In addition to the suggestions posted in this article, I also recommend tending to your emotional needs by making sure that you have support and someone to talk to,  Consider getting counseling to keep you "on track" and to keep you from becoming physically ill from stress.  It is good to have one or more people who you can talk to who will not judge you but will talk to you honestly about your own behavior.  Defensiveness and blame will just get in the way of your progress. 

Take good care of yourself.  Taking a little time each day to relax isn't wasteful, it is preventative. Do your best to stay physically healthy.

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