Sunday, April 3, 2016

Do you really have to take the Parenting Course?

If you have a pending divorce and you and your spouse have children together, you may have already been told that you have to attend a parenting class.  They are technically called "Parent Education and Family Stabilization Courses".

At a time when people feel overwhelmed by circumstances and changes, they are often unhappy to learn that they must take this class. Yes, it is required by a provision in the Texas Family Code. A party who does not take the class when required to do so may find that it affects their right to be appointed as managing conservator of a child, or affects their visitation.  A judge may even postpone signing the final order of divorce until both parties present evidence that they have completed the course.

The good news is this.  You may be able to take it online. Another piece of good news; clients often tell us that they dreaded taking it, but ended up thoroughly enjoying it.

Before you invest your time and money in a course, make sure that it is one that is approved by the divorce courts in your county.

Oh, by the way, don't forget to turn in your certificate to your attorney or to the court to show that you completed it prior to the final hearing.

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