Monday, August 8, 2016

Texas Employers, Here are Some FREE Resources to Help you Run your Business!

The Texas Workforce Commission's Office of the Commissioner Representing Employers ("TWC") has an employer hotline to answer employer questions about basic legal issues related to hiring, work-separation, and other employment and post-employment issues.  The number is 800-832-9394.

There are also free resources available online.  Check out the publication, "Especially for Texas Employers" that is available. This manual contains tips, information about the law, policy and procedure, and forms for use by Texas Employers.  You can receive the print version by attending one of the seminars put on for Texas Employers in various locations around the state. There is a charge for attending the day-long seminar.

Would you like to have help understanding salary vs. hourly pay?  How about understanding how Unemployment claims work?   Would you like to know if the wages/salary that your company pays is competitive for your industry and geographic location? How about what to do if you are the subject of an audit?   What if someone files a workers compensation claim? All of this information and more is available from the TWC.

These important resources can help you create or define your company's procedures.  When your employees know exactly what is expected of them morale will be higher and goals can be met.

Having an employee who under performs is one of the most frustrating experiences that an employer can have.  Even worse is having an employee who flouts procedure and policy and dares you to discharge them. This can become a nightmare when it is interfering with customer satisfaction and the employer isn't sure of the best way to handle the situation.  The TWC's Commission Representing Employers is there to help.

If you currently have business issues or are confused, consider reviewing the information available. This information can help you understand the law.  Even if you have a business attorney helping you with a specific difficult situation it is always a good idea to improve your overall procedures and prevent future problems.

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