Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Success Is In the Follow Up!

It's great to make plans and it's great to start projects, but what good do they do if you never finish them?  

It isn't uncommon for us to regularly hear comments like these around the law office; 

  • I came to see you about this legal problem 2 years ago and never did anything about it and now I am getting sued;
  • I meant to send this creditor evidence that I had already paid this but I forgot and now I am getting sued and have to answer the suit by Monday;
  • My dad was going to have a will drawn up but he kept putting it off and he died last week;
  • I opened a file with your office last year but never sent you the paperwork you asked for so that you could proceed; 
  • I have been without child support for my child for 3 years and kept good records but never did anything about it. 
A legal consult can help answer your questions and move you along the path to resolution. Once you've had one, write down your next step and give yourself a deadline to get it done.  Success is in the follow up! 

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