Saturday, February 25, 2017

Denied Access to Your Child during Your Periods of Possession?

Being denied access to your children can be very discouraging.  

The hope that things will soon get better (and the fear of making things worse) may keep you from taking any action at all.  But if you are not keeping accurate records of the denials, then this important evidence can be lost.

If you are being denied access to your children then it is very important that you keep accurate records. Here is what you should do:
  1. Write down the date and times that you were denied visitation during your period of possession. 
  2. Communicate with your ex in writing (text or email is good) so that you can have evidence of your attempts to have visitation and possession.
  3. Be as involved as you can in your child's life.  Attend school activities and stay in touch with your child. Know the names of your child's teachers and friends. 
  4. Visit an attorney for a consult about your rights and bring evidence with you of the times of violations. Keep in mind your ex will have to have had a number of violations in order for you to have a case that can be filed with the court. 
We often see clients who have a good case and we are very sympathetic to them, but the evidence is missing.   Real evidence is always better that two people telling two different stories.  Memories get hazy over time and it may take awhile to resolve a case or get a hearing date.   Having the exact times and dates of the denials is the best way to tell your story.

- By Paralegal Myrna Ramirez with Attorney Laura Kalish

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